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“If you are passionate about electronic engineering, never give up on the course no matter how challenged you are, resilience breeds a stronger mind, with brighter ideas,” said an elated Rushal Rajkumar.

The 23-year-old Rushal Rajkumar from Newlands East in Durban will be graduating with his BTech in Electronic Engineering: Instrumentation and Control, obtaining the prestigious Dean’s Merit Award at the Durban University of Technology’s (DUT’s) 2022 Virtual Autumn Graduation ceremony on Friday, 13 May 2022.

He expressed that one should choose a course through passion and not for the remuneration package or comfort.

“I believe it is important to surround yourself with focussed people, whether they are from the same field or not. It is important to observe and learn how to achieve objectives in a structured approach,” he stressed.

Rajkumar is still in shock on learning of his outstanding achievement as I did not expect to achieve such a prestigious award.

“I am greatly honoured to receive this award. I am aware of the quality of students which DUT has produced over the years, who have not been awarded this honour, and it is through their perseverance in the workplace which gives this accolade a true meaning. I am also very fortunate to receive this award as I am aware of the capabilities of my peers who have also produced exceedingly good results during our term at the university,” he added proudly.

For Rushal his choice of study came because of his probing nature which has been present since childhood.

“The electronic engineering field is an extremely widespread field which ranges from component design to process control, the qualification I have attained will enable me to become a versatile employee in any industrial plant, which has always been a desire of mine,” he confessed.

Rajkumar is very grateful of the virtual graduation but find the physical celebratory graduation to be a great gesture by the university, as it gives students a chance to be appreciated and to showcase their achievements they have worked tirelessly to achieve.

As a student Rajkumar stated that COVID-19 was a learning curve and a great challenge for all.

“Being careful enough to negotiate safety to ourselves and our peers on campus has been challenging, however, I feel the most challenging has been the non-contact classes whilst working a full-time job. Studying by oneself is no easy feat, and by doing so I have managed to develop better research ability and time management skills,” he said.

Currently, Rajkumar works as a calibration technician: at Trilab Support. In terms of his academic studies, he plans on studying further and is considering other courses which may supplement his current qualification, like a management course, and to also pursue his dream of completing his Master’s Degree in Electronic Engineering.

“I look to further develop myself in Instrumentation and Control. I hope to do so whilst being involved in exciting green energy projects with my current employer and with DUT in the near future,” he voiced.

Pictured: Rushal Rajkumar

Waheeda Peters

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