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A visionary photographer and Durban University of Technology (DUT) luminary, Karishma R Rajcomar illuminates the global stage with excellence.

She is also a graphic designer, author, entrepreneur and philanthropist, who has clicked her way to obtaining her Professional Newborn Photography Certification 2023 from the prestigious Accredited Professional Newborn Photographers International (APNPI).

This designation is awarded to a select group of Accredited Professional Newborn Photographers in the world based on their professionalism, training, safety knowledge, and the high quality of their work.

Also, adding to her sterling array of accolades and awards, Rajcomar was featured in the Ana Brandt Holiday magazine for the second time.

She will be placed amongst some of the best photographers in the world and her photo is published in an exclusive limited-edition Holiday magazine 2023. This selection was done by the world’s most recognised newborn photographers, Ana Brandt.

The artistic Rajcomar is the exclusive photographer representing not only South Africa but the entire African continent in the renowned international magazine. She has her own photographic and design studio, Bright Spark Studios which is based in Westville, Durban. She studied Graphic Design and Photography at DUT which prepared her for a place in the world of visual communication, design and digital advertising.

“Each accolade brought a mix of emotions, including pride, gratitude, and a sense of accomplishment. Being the sole photographer from Africa to receive recognition on such esteemed international platforms was beyond my expectations. It reinforced the belief that hard work, dedication, and a genuine passion for the art of photography can transcend borders,” she expressed jubilantly.

For the APNPI International Certification, she felt a deep sense of validation for her commitment to professionalism and safety in newborn photography when she had received the accolade. “It’s a recognition that goes beyond skill-it acknowledges the ethical practices and exemplary customer service that are integral to my work and the work that clients at my studio, Bright Spark Studios receive,” she said.

Learning that her work would be featured in the Ana Brandt Holiday magazine for the second time was exhilarating for her.

“To be chosen among the best newborn photographers globally by someone as renowned as Ana Brandt was a moment of immense honour and validation of my artistic vision. Overall, these wins have fuelled my passion for photography and design and motivated me to continue pushing the boundaries of my creativity,” she replied.

As a former DUT student, her time at the institution played a crucial role in shaping and enhancing her skills in the field of photography and graphic design.

“The knowledge and experiences gained during my studies have been instrumental in my professional journey. My education at DUT contributed to my success by providing a solid foundation in technical skills related to graphic design and photography. From mastering the use of industry-standard software to understanding the technical aspects of photography, the curriculum equipped me with the practical skills needed in the professional world,” she indicated.

Rajcomar further commented that DUT’s programmes not only focused on technical proficiency but also emphasised conceptual understanding.

“This helped me develop a strong artistic vision and a deeper understanding of the principles of design and visual communication, which is crucial in the creative industry. Studying at DUT exposed me to industry standards and best practices. This knowledge has been invaluable in maintaining high-quality work, adhering to ethical standards, and staying updated with the latest trends and technologies in the ever-evolving field of visual communication,” she said.

For Rajcomar, being part of the university community provided networking opportunities with peers, professors, and professionals in the field. “These connections have been beneficial in terms of collaboration, mentorship, and staying connected with the industry. The hands-on project-based approach of the courses allowed me to apply theoretical knowledge to real-world scenarios. This practical experience was crucial in preparing me for the challenges and demands of the professional work environment,” she added.

Rajcomar further acknowledged that the education at DUT encouraged critical thinking and problem-solving skills. Currently, Rajcomar confessed that her schedule is quite packed with an array of exciting local and international projects that span the realms of photography,  design, and philanthropy.

She has forged collaborations with various non-profit organisations, contributing to initiatives that align with her passion for making a positive impact and helping the less fortunate. “I’m also at the forefront of my very own ‘Uplifting Campaign’, which aims to inspire and bring positive change. This project holds a special place in my heart, and I’m dedicated to ensuring its success,” she relayed.

Additionally, her work in photography and design continues to evolve with several ongoing local and international projects that challenge and inspire her. “I believe in the power of diverse experiences, and I’m grateful for the support and recognition that these projects have garnered. As always, I look forward to sharing the outcomes as they unfold both locally and on the global stage,” remarked Rajcomar.

Pictured: Internationally acclaimed, multi-award-winning photographer, Karishma R Rajcomar.

Waheeda Peters

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