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Ms Marizel Hendriks, the DUT winner of the 2023 Abe Bailey Travel Bursary was honoured at a Celebratory Tea hosted by the International Education and Partnerships (IEP) Directorate. The Celebratory Tea was held at Council Chambers, ML Sultan Campus on Thursday, 7 September 2023.

The Abe Bailey Travel Bursary is awarded to outstanding students who have shown exceptional leadership qualities and strong service ethics. Hendriks is currently studying towards the Master’s Degree in Health Sciences: Homeopathy.

In attendance was the Executive Dean of the Faculty of Health Sciences: Professor Gugu Mchunu, Deputy Dean of the Faculty of Health Sciences: Dr Pavitra Pillay, the Head of Department of Homeopathy: Professor Ashley Ross, Homeopathy Lecturers and the Director of International Education and Partnerships (IEP): Dr Lavern Samuels as well as members of Hendrik’s family.

Dr Samuels welcomed everyone in attendance to celebrate Hendriks for being the winner of the prestigious Abe Bailey Travel Bursary. “This is a special day in the life of DUT. It is special when one of our students achieves something as prestigious as winning the Abe Bailey Award,” said Dr Samuels.

Prof Mchunu thanked Dr Samuels for hosting the Celebratory Tea to celebrate this wonderful moment. She applauded Prof Ross for producing students that are an example of excellence for the faculty. She also thanked the Hendriks family for the support that they have given Hendriks.

Prof Ross highlighted that one of the reasons that the Faculty of Health Sciences produces a number of winners for the Abe Bailey Travel Bursary is the nurturing environment that the departments create. He highlighted that one of the characteristics that was remarkable about Hendriks is that she had remained a class representative for five years of her studies which indicated that she possesses exceptional leadership skills. Her ability to negotiate the tense and sometimes difficult situations was outstanding.

Dr Keiron-Ashleigh Boosi the 2022 winner of the Abe Bailey Travel Bursary could not attend the event but sent a video message congratulating Marizel and encouraging her to make the most of the opportunity.

Dr Pillay and Homeopathy lecturers: Drs Ingrid Couchman; CorneHall and Shaddha Sirpal wished Hendriks all the best on her journey.

Hendriks thanked all for the Celebratory Tea as well as the incredible support that she has received. She thanked her lecturers for encouraging her to apply and for their support throughout her studies. She also thanked her parents for laying the foundation that makes her a worthy candidate for the Abe Bailey Award.

Hendriks was presented a DUT blazer that she can proudly wear during her travelling.

In closing, Dr Samuels encouraged Hendriks to enjoy this journey as it will be the best experience for her career, and he thanked everyone in attendance.

Pictured: The 2023 Abe Bailey Bursary winner, Marizel Hendriks with the Executive Dean of Faculty of Health Sciences: Prof Gugu Mchunu, Head of Department of Homeopathy: Prof Ashley Ross and Director of International Education and Partnerships (IEP): Dr Lavern Samuels.

Sibahle Ngcobo

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