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The department is involved in a number of projects which plays a major role in advancement of the institution.  Our vision for 2030 includes our staff and students becoming creative, innovative, entrepreneurial and adaptive, participating productively in the development of South Africa and the world through our state-of-the-art infrastructure and systems. Our new Strategic Plan upholds Stewardship, Systems & Processes, Sustainability and Society, the interdependence among which now provides a multi disciplinary, cross-institutional and integrated approach. By living our values and principles within a culture of shared responsibility and accountability, and by embracing creativity, we will build an enabling environment that supports dynamic curricula, which, in turn, inspires innovation and entrepreneurship, resulting in the delivery of a distinctively DUT experience within an environmentally responsible and financially sustainable framework. This should lead to mutually beneficial collaborations, the practical application of knowledge and the development of future-ready graduates, thus improving lives and livelihoods. However, we cannot achieve all of this alone.

To support other DUT projects please go to the DUT Foundation at 

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