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We believe in our first responsibility is to raise funds to allow the university to develop innovative and useful programmes that complement its core business of teaching, research and community engagement. 

In meeting these responsibilities, everything we do must be off quality.  We must constantly remain cost conscious and use university donor / funds judiciously. 


Our beneficiaries' needs must be met promptly and with sincerity.  Must constantly strive to maintain the enthusiasm for the work we do, develop relationships with donors, and refine and improve our fundraising practice. 


We are responsible to our team.  The men and women who work for us.  Everyone must be an individual.  We must respect their opinions and recognise their work.  They must have a sense of security in their careers. 


Compensation must be fair and working conditions clean, orderly and safe.  We must be mindful of ways to help our employees fulfil their family responsibility.  Employees must feel free to formulate their opinions and there must be equal opportunities for employment, development and advancement for those eligible.  We must provide fair competent management whose actions must be impartial. 


We are accountable to the projects and programmes with which we work and uphold their rights and responsibility with their donations. 


We must be good citizens and encourage civic improvements, better service delivery and education.  We must handle, in good order, the property we are privilege to use, protecting the environment and natural resources.  


We must explore new innovative ways,  We must engage in reading, research and development of new programmes and learn from our mistakes.  We must acquire modern technology and help launch new programmes.  We must create reserves to provide adverse times. 

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