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Pragasen Reddy, the Durban University of Technology’s (DUT’s) Arts and Design Faculty Officer, has been nominated to serve on the prestigious board of directors of the Association of Academic Administrators (AAA) Forum which was recently held at the East London International Convention Centre in East London.

Reddy, who has successfully completed 30 years of service at DUT, acquiring a vast wealth of knowledge and experience in the Academic Support Sector, will serve in his new position as a non-executive Director for the three years which ends at the 2025 annual general meeting (AGM) of the AAA.

The Association of Academic Administrators (AAA) is a nationally and globally recognised professional body of academic administrators that continues to promote and sustain professional standards in the field of academic and student administration at institutions of higher learning. The mission of the AAA is to add valuable contributions towards continuous improvement and development in the Academic- and Student Administration function of higher education institutions.

Speaking about his exciting new role, Reddy indicated that he was jubilant to learn of his appointment.

“I am totally ecstatic to be recognised by my fellow peers at the recent AGM of the Association of Academic Administrators (AAA) who can relate and value my contribution to Higher Education via the various platforms,” he said elatedly.

He further elaborated that he would also like to acknowledge the assistance from the Registrar’s ambit, fellow Faculty Officer’s, his staff and his Executive Dean, Prof Runette Kruger, who has always been supportive and encouraging,

In terms of his new role, Reddy relayed that it will entail to collectively address common issues and challenges within a network of colleagues from the academic administration function within Higher Education Institutions (HEI’s).

“To also chair sessions on panel discussions at various user group conferences/meetings and to provide assistance and guidance with all student related challenges that Academic Administrators in HEI’s are experiencing,” he commented.

He explained that it is vital for DUT staff like himself to be part of such bodies/organisations.

“To be informed about changes that are happening in the Higher Education sector. This Association provides a platform for Academic Administrators to share solutions to common problems/obstacles. With the advent of our new Enterprise resource planning (ERP) system, Peoplesoft, networking with colleagues from other Institutions who are using Peoplesoft prior to going live will assist us greatly and I hope this will ensure a smooth transition,” he replied.

Besides his passion for all things academic, Reddy professed his love for soccer.

“I used to play semi-professional soccer way back then, so I just got into coaching recently and I find this therapeutic. Family time is bliss!” he remarked.

Reddy made mention how immensely passionate he is when he sees DUT students walking on stage during graduation, an occasion forming an integral part of his job portfolio.

“This never fails to warm my heart as the DUT students are the institutions’ biggest assets,” he added proudly.

Going forward, Reddy has indicated that he will be enrolling for his honours degree in 2023.

Pictured” Pragasen Reddy

Waheeda Peters

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