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Durban University of Technology (DUT) alumnus Avesh Ramdin has ‘deadlifted’ his way to recently win third place in the Open Novice Division of the Southern Africa’s Strongest Man Competition. The avid strongman now goes through to the Africa’s Strongest Man 2022 in November.

Ramdin who hails from Overport, Durban, said he chose to study at the prestigious DUT. He pursued a Diploma in Industrial Engineering followed by his B-Tech in Industrial Engineering, graduating in 2016.

After a few years of work experience and part-time jobs, he gained employment at General Cables as an industrial engineering intern, followed by a job as an industrial engineer trainee at Protea Chemicals, thereafter working at Federal Mogul as a junior industrial engineer and finally landing at his current place of employment, Corruseal Corrugated, as a Plant Specialist.

“I thoroughly enjoy my line of work as well as the challenges that come with it. I am an enthusiastic and outgoing person who enjoys any form of outdoor activities and I love challenging my abilities. This is what led me to try the Strongman Sport and to push myself to be the strongest and best version of myself,” he said.

Ramdin conveyed that from a young age, both his parents constantly encouraged him to pursue any form of outdoor activity and exercise. My love for exercising started with hatred at first. My father used to force me to run around the Greyville racecourse with them, run at the beach and go to the gym. Little did I know, that a few years later, this hatred would turn into my passion,” he remarked.

His passion for exercise grew when he finally understood the benefits and the importance of it in his everyday life. Running and working out at the gym made him feel more energetic, more focused in school and university and enabled him to release any form of stress and tension that had built up.

“My father encouraged me to pursue weight training as he was a former bodybuilder and our family is known for their strength and their athletic abilities,” he quipped.

After a few years of training on his own, with the guidance of his father, he decided to try out for a local Strongman Competition for fun.

“I met the requirements in terms of the minimum weights to lift and was interested in challenging myself and others. My interest in Strongman grew from thereon as I was more determined to be stronger and better,” he added.

Last November 2021, Ramdin competed in Africa’s Strongest Man and surprised himself with a third place win in the Open Novice Division. This further encouraged him to continue with this sport. In August 2022, he competed in the Southern Africa’s Strongest Man competition and was placed second in the Open Novice Division.

“The competition was tough and has indeed set the standards for the next Africa’s Strongest Man Competition in November 2022. I am currently training towards this and hope to be better than I was before,” he stressed.

In terms of his long term plan, this includes becoming a professional in the Strongman Sport and sourcing sponsors to assist him in making this dream a reality.

“I also wish to encourage and empower other youth to get active and take up a sport that they love. Beyond the passion for the sport, the health benefits and peace of mind that you get is well worth it. I would love the opportunity to make Strongman a well-known sport in KwaZulu-Natal (KZN) and encourage more youth to pursue this career,” he said.

Ramdin mentioned that whilst at DUT, he used to train at the DUT gym at the Sports Centre throughout his studies, however he was never part of any official team at that time.

“I do believe that if Strongman is offered at DUT, many students would be interested to join,” he added

He also spoke of how he managed to juggle his studies with his sports and family.

“I managed my time accordingly, to juggle work, studies, gym, my social life and family life. Being newly married I have found that having a routine and a plan has helped me to stay on track and juggle all my commitments. Having an encouraging support system at home also helped me to stay on track,” said Ramdin.

Like any other graduate, Ramdin’s most memorable moment is when he graduated with his B-Tech and being in attendance at the physical graduation ceremony.

For him, having a role model like his father who has always been an avid athlete, father, and entrepreneur, showed him that managing all these aspects in one’s life is possible.

“I am also inspired by people who are able to succeed if life when all the odds are against them, be it in their hobbies, careers or life in general. People with a ‘get up and go’ attitude inspire me to get things done,” he commented.

Ramdin is currently looking for sponsors for his forthcoming sporting event, and hopes that the DUT community will be able to assist him with sponsorship so that he can purchase the correct equipment and safety gear for the event.

“lf possible I would also like the opportunity to introduce Strongman to KwaZulu-Natal (KZN) and DUT students if given the opportunity to do so,” he said.

His advice to future students and athletes at DUT is to always try to be better than the person you were the day before. “Remember, minor changes day by day results in major changes along the way and can help you reach your goal. Stay focused and keep your eyes on the finish line,” he said.

If any student is interested in the sport, they can contact him on Facebook


Pictured: Avesh Ramdin

Waheeda Peters

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