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For alumna, Kimosha Ganas, her career path began in the corporate sector before she discovered her true passion for fashion.

At the start of her working career, she was climbing the corporate ladder in the banking sector. After a few years she quickly discovered her talents lay in the creative field, so she left banking in exchange for fashion design as a Fashion and Textiles student.

“I went on to study at the Durban University of Technology (DUT) under the helm of the Faculty of Arts and Design. My path in fashion has been both immensely rewarding and equally challenging. I consider myself extremely fortunate to be doing what I love,” she replied.

Over the years Ganas had plenty of her work featured on several media platforms which was amazing. She currently works as a designer for a leading supplier for the retail sector, and looks forward to creating her own bespoke brand. She relayed that the company has an international footprint, with offices in Australia and business partnerships with China. Ganas explained that the company, Co-lab Industries product lines include predominantly fashion headwear, sunglasses, bags, watches, etc.

“ I help in finding new and suitable trend directions for upcoming seasons, and also design the product for overseas production. I’m involved with the origination of designs from briefing to production,” said Ganas elatedly.

Getting to this point of her career, has been sheer hard work but Ganas emphasized that studying at DUT was a life-altering decision.

“My tertiary education reached completion in 2015 and deciding to study through DUT was one of the best decisions I made for myself. Prior to obtaining my qualification it was very difficult to gain experience, and work in the fashion design field. The wealth of knowledge I have acquired, is something that will remain with me for life.,” she explained.

In terms of preparing her for the working world, Ganas felt confident going into the work place as the course work and lecturers were very helpful.

She happily made mention of how fortunate and grateful she is to be recognised with the accolades she had received.

“It’s wonderful to be recognised for your hard work. The amount of work and time that goes into each piece is incredible, without passion for design it would be very difficult to see the process through. So to be awarded is amazing.,” she added.

Ganas was the proud recipient of the Young Designers Student Award at the Vodacom Durban July in 2016.

Apart from being in the top of the top 3, she also clinched first place in the Young Emerging Designers at The Vodacom Durban July.

“I was also selected to participate in the mentee programme with The Durban Fashion Fair,” she beamed.

According to Ganas design is complex coursework which requires full time dedication. At DUT, she was able to apply her raw skills and talent together with the acquired knowledge, which then proved successful.

“The study programme touches on all aspects necessary to be a great designer,” she added.

Ganas spoke fondly of her lecturers, saying that her biggest mentor was Meena

Bhagwandin, her third-year pattern lecturer at DUT.

She conveyed that the former lecturer played a pivotal role in pushing her to excel in her field.

“She has also helped me push pass my limitations to achieve excellence. I’ve also been exposed to many design projects and opportunities thanks to her. I am forever grateful to her, and my other lecturers whose guidance helped mould me into the designer I am today,” said Ganas.

In terms of her career, she commented that it’s always been her dream and desire to be an international designer with her own luxury clothing brand.

“After winning the Vodacom Durban July, going overseas (United Kingdom) with my talent is next on my to do list. In terms of the design opportunities available I do believe being located in a fashion capital would be conducive to growing a fashion brand. I’m currently working towards this goal,” she said.

Ganas explained that studying at DUT was intense, with a lot of late nights, and completing work on weekends, with standards being incredibly high.

“The fashion department was a pool of talented people I was studying together with, in order to be recognised, one always had to be producing high quality, innovative work. This pushed me to keep refining my work to be the best I could be,” she stressed.

Her advice to first year fashion students is that achieving success in design requires dedication and determination.

“It can be so rewarding, and exciting so long as you’re prepared to put in the work. Fashion and Textiles at DUT is known for producing some of the best designers. The lecturers are a wealth of knowledge and insight. Make the most of your time there,” said Ganas.

Pictured: Kimosha Ganas with her winning design. (Anthony Grote/Gameplan Media)

Waheeda Peters

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