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The Durban University of Technology (DUT) recently appointed its first female President of the DUT Convocation, Ms Zama Mncube after being voted for in the Special Convocation Annual General Meeting.

Her duties include presiding over AGM's and CONVEX meetings and her term of office is four years, expected to end in 2025.

The DUT Convocation is a statutory body of the University constituted by the institution's alumni, including those of the former M L Sultan Technikon and Technikon Natal. The Convocation plays an important role in the University, representing the interests of its members with respect to the University. Three representatives of the DUT Convocation are part of the DUT Council, which is the highest governing body of the institution.

Mncube born and bred in Newcastle has once again made history at the DUT as in 2016 she was elected as the first female Student Representative Council (SRC) President, leading for two consecutive terms.

The newly appointed DUT Convocation President is currently working as a Liaison Officer in the Office of the Chairperson of Economic Development and Planning at the eThekwini Municipality.

Speaking about her new appointment, Mncube said: “I believe a lot in women including myself and also believe that leadership is not based on gender but the capacity and capability of an individual. I am glad that I have once again made history in DUT because in the SRC I became the first female President but that is all due to the people who believe in my leadership and want to see me grow.”

She indicated that prior to her election she was confident that she had potential since she had previously been in the leadership of DUT and also had many people supporting her. When her name was announced, Mncube said she was excited as it proved that there are many people who believe in her.

Commenting about her plan of action, Mncube stated she cannot take decisions alone, saying there is a structure that she needs to work with to develop a programme of action.

Giving a brief background on her journey at DUT, she revealed that it began in 2013 after she enrolled for a Diploma in Office Technology and Management (OTM).

“My political activism started mid-year in 2013. I became active and started leading the campus structures in 2014. In 2015, I was the elected as Deputy Secretary-General of the SRC then in 2016, I then became the President of the SRC for two consecutive terms and my term ended in 2017. After completing my Diploma, I enrolled for my BTech in the same field. In 2018, I then started lecturing as a Junior Lecturer in the Information and Corporate Management (ICM) Department which was known as the OMT Department,” added Mncube

She is currently doing her Master’s in Management Sciences and her research topic is titled: “Repurposing The Job Profile of DUT Administrators in Response to the Fourth Industrial Revolution”. She plans to complete her studies by the end of this year, 2022.

Mncube who is an only child, is grateful to her mother and her maternal family for the love and support throughout her journey of life.

Pictured: Zama Mncube, President of the DUT Convocation.

Simangele Zuma and Nomvelo Zulu

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