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Alumni Bursary

The DUT Bursary Fund augments the current National Student Financial Aid Scheme’s (NSFAS) allocation to DUT with a specific focus on students who fall between the cracks, either due to insufficient funds or coming short of the national allocation criteria. Donations of any amount towards this fund ensure that academically deserving students are not denied the opportunity to study due to financial constraints.


• To ensure that students are able to obtain a tertiary qualification – for many, they are the first in their families to attend a tertiary institution

• To further enhance the opportunities afforded to students

• To assist students in becoming active citizens of the country and contributing

positively towards society


A significant proportion of students come from disadvantaged, underprivileged backgrounds and donor investment in their lives makes it possible for them to achieve their goals and aspire to greatness, thereby positively impacting their

lives and livelihoods. Furthermore, education, as a basic right, is not affordable to a substantial percentage of the student population. The NSFAS allocation is not able to cover all students. The DUT Bursary Fund attempts to address this problem and in so doing, makes education and learning available to the future leaders of the country.



After unsuccessfully applying for funding from NSFAS in 2017, Nokuphila Yvonne Biyela could not register at DUT for her second year of study for a National Diploma in Marketing, access her results, the library, textbooks or exam venues, as

she still owed money for her first year of study. She finally looked to the Alumni Bursary Fund for help. “The first time I met Mr Ngubane (of the Advancement and Alumni Relations Office) I was crying. I asked if it was a crime to be poor. I

wanted to change my home, community and my entire village!” said Biyela.

In 2019, thanks to the Fund, she graduated with four distinctions, having received the first university diploma in her family.

Nokuphila Yvonne Biyela

She is now studying towards her advanced diploma. Her qualification has allowed her to gain part-time experience as a tutor and as an admin assistant in the DUT Department of Marketing and Retail. She is currently temporarily employed as an intern in the DUT Faculty of Management Sciences’ postgraduate office.

Biyela plans to contribute to the Fund when she lands a permanent job. “Potential funders: I am a product of the Bursary Fund. Some of us have dreams but because of financial hurdles, we cannot fulfill them. We need more people to contribute. I went from being a Shoprite assistant to a graduate – you can do the same for others!”



The Advancement and Alumni Relations Office is passionate about improving the lives and livelihoods of its students. The Bursary Fund promotes academic excellence and improved performance as well as provides students with the competitive edge to utilise their skills in the work environment.

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