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The Durban University of Technology (DUT) student, Tania Fundi Zungu (35) from Umlazi graduated Cum Laude with her Diploma in Shipping and Logistics at the Durban Exhibition Centre on Thursday, 29 September 2022.

In 2018 Zungu left her full-time job and came to DUT to pursue her studies in Diploma in Shipping and Logistics. By then she was 31 years old and at the back of her mind she knew she will be sitting next to 18/19 year- olds but she was not daunted. In fact, she was excited because going to university and getting her qualification had been her childhood dream and goal. She knew that she was blessed to actually be able to do it full-time, it was finally happening so nothing was going to be able to take that joy from her.

Being a mother, wife and student was so draining and stressful at times but she knew what she wanted and that is why she never backed down. One of the biggest challenge that she overcame was to quickly adjust to university life, and she enjoyed every moment of being a student. She worked very hard because she knew that she was an inspiration to people and those people were her two kids. Quitting her job to pursue her studies is one of the proudest things that she ever did in her life.

Obtaining a Cum Laude was her childhood dream that is why she was extremely happy to hear the news. Also, Cum Laude was her goal from the beginning and having actually attained it made her feel a sense of accomplishment that is inexplicable.

“My whole family was so proud, including the family that I did get to choose, my friends. They have always been behind me 100% from the beginning and I am so blessed to have them all,” said Zungu.

Zungu chose Maritime out of pure intrigue. She is the type of person who loves a challenge and who wants to explore new things. When she was told about Maritime she realised how little she actually knew about it and how little she actually knew about the oceans economy as a whole even though she was born and bred in a port city.

“Starting at a university at the age of 31 is no child’s play, it requires lot of persistence and resilience. I am married with two kids so to say it was challenging would be an understatement. I had a lot of support from both my husband and my boys. I overcame by focusing on the main goal. I kept saying to myself don’t stop until you’ are proud, and here I am today, so I’m very proud of myself,” said Zungu.

Zungu is planning on pursuing her studies until she obtains her PHD.

“The goal is to wear a red gown one day, God willing,” she added.

Her main objective is to eventually be self-employed and also to become a lecturer in her spare time since she was a tutor and she enjoyed every moment about it. Zungu likes to impart knowledge and is praying to achieve her goal of making education a way of making a great impact to the young ones.

“To the first years who would like to pursue their studies in Shipping and Logistics I would like to say, don’t stop until you’re proud,” advised Zungu.

Pictured: Tania Fundi Zungu.

Nomvelo Zulu

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