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Precious Mutambara began her journey at the Durban University of Technology (DUT) in 2018 when she enrolled for a Bachelor of Health Sciences degree in Diagnostic Radiography. Her academic journey at DUT was a good experience as she had a strong support structure from her lecturers who provided excellent mentoring throughout her four-year journey.

Mutambara will be graduating with her Bachelor of Health Sciences in Diagnostic Radiography and will receive Cum Laude and a Dean’s Merit Award at the Inkosi Albert Luthuli International Convention Centre (ICC), on Wednesday, 20 July 2022.

Sharing her thoughts on her sterling accolades, Mutambara said she is extremely proud of herself.

“I wasn’t really surprised when I realised that I passed with a Cum Laude because it was pretty obvious after I realised I had obtained 36 distinctions out of my 40 modules. The Dean’s Merit Award is what came as a surprise, and I was ecstatic because that had been my goal since first year,” she commented.

After having attended her brother’s graduation ceremony in 2018, she noticed there were students who had received the Dean’s Merit awards, and from there onwards her interests grew into the subject.It then became her mission to ensure that she obtains the Dean’s Merit award and worked hard, managing to achieve her goal.

Mutambara is really delighted that the University has decided to host the graduation both virtually and physically. This is because she will get the opportunity to live the experience of her graduation day from walking across the stage, to being capped and celebrating the moment with her family and friends.

Being a student came with challenges, the amount of workload seemed to be a challenge because the radiography programme required students to attended Work Integrated Learning (WIL) at hospitals frequently. Sometimes she would be in a hospital for WIL for a period of six weeks. During that time-frame she also had assignments and tests that were due.

“Juggling schoolwork and WIL at the same time was a challenge but I got around it by setting a study timetable and religiously adhering to it. So, this entailed me waking up early in the morning to study before I went to the hospital for my practicals,” she stressed.

After having acquired in-depth experience and knowledge within the field, Mutambara aims to follow in the path of her parents and shift into the academia aspect of the field as a lecturer or a clinical instructor.

Also, she is currently exploring several paths that she could possibly pursue and definitely would like to complete her Master’s as well a Postgraduate certificate in Mammography.

Pictured: Precious Mutambara

Waheeda Peters

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