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Ms Gcinekile Luthuli

Class of '08

Studied: ND: Town & Regional Planning

Campus: Steve Biko DBN

I remember when I started at DUT, it was all so exciting. From the first registration queue which I joined hiding registration money in my shoe (I was 16) to the not to so exciting queues for NSFAS and to the courageous confidence boasting Gate 4 taxi stop announcement. When I look back, I think of the commitment and determination one had, we worked until late to conquer our A0 gateway papers designing layouts. Of course not forgetting those very sensitive and expensive Rotring pens😂

I miss it there and I loved the exposure I got as a student, from seeing a memory stick for the first time to using CAD software, these stand out for me. Last but not least, Gill Lincoln’s’ Todaro is certainly a highlight in my memory lane, we had a love hate relationship with that book but Gill made us fall in love with development. DUT still has a special place in my heart and it shaped me into the person that I am now, both professionally and personally. Thank you DUT😊

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