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Sinethemba Fisokuhle Mkhize is ecstatic to be graduating Cum Laude for her Advanced Diploma in Business and Information Management at the Durban University of Technology’s (DUT’s) Virtual Autumn Graduation ceremony on Friday, 13 May 2022.

In 2017 the Sweetwaters lass enrolled for her National Diploma Business and Information Management at DUT, completing it and further continuing with her Advanced Diploma in Business and Information Management.

“With my daughter only a week old at the time, hard work and the support of my family, especially my husband, I was able to give it my all and pass,” she said.

For Sinethemba Fisokuhle Mkhize, it was not a direct pathway to success.

After receiving a Higher Certificate Pass in her matric year in 2014, it threw her academic voyage into disarray, and she was unable to pursue her studies at a tertiary institution.

Her journey then led her to study plumbing for a short stint at a TVET College in 2015, but Mkhize knew that this was not the career for her and quit. In 2016, she then decided to swallow her pride and repeat her matric year at Mazwendoda Secondary School, Impendle obtaining a bachelor’s degree Pass, much to her delight.

Her journey at DUT began in 2017 with her National Diploma in Business and Information Management, and after completion she then enrolled for the Advanced Diploma in Business and Information which she worked tirelessly to achieve.

“Through dedication and hard work I managed to get Cum Laude which really came as a surprise for me. I still can’t believe that I have accomplished Cum Laude for my studies. I think having a mother that was studying and raising her family at the same time also gave me strength in the process,” she stressed.

Initially Mkhize wanted to do Nursing at DUT but was rejected because the system still had her old results. She then went to the Riverside campus where DUT’s Dr Celani Nyide checked her statement of results and informed her that she should do Business and Information Management because it is a new course with many job opportunities.

Mkhize’s journey of study also included her getting married, having a baby and making room for all these changes whilst studying.

“The biggest challenge for me was having to adapt to being a wife, a mother and a student. I don’t think this would have been possible for me if it was not for my husband who was very supportive of me,” she added.

Mkhize indicated she plans to study further with the goal of obtaining her PhD before the age of 35 years.

Pictured: Sinethemba Fisokuhle Mkhize

Waheeda Peters

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