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Erhlich Abrahams, the Information and Communications Technology (ICT) alumnus from the Durban University of Technology (DUT) is gearing up to work in America on the MSC Divina Cruise Ship.

He was recently appointed as a Guest Service Agent on a yearly contract that get renewed after each voyage. His duties will include assisting passengers using a system called Fidelio.

Abrahams from Durban obtained his Diploma in ICT Business Analysis in the DUT’s virtual Autumn Graduation in May 2022. He is passionate in all things IT related and tech, from programming to even IT hardware.

He indicated he will be obtaining his US work visa in September 2022 and will leave shortly after he receives it.

“I applied to work for the MSC before COVID as I neared the end of my course, with no response from them. I didn’t pay much attention until I got the call that they have a position available for me in America to work on the MSC Divina. I was extremely excited! I could not contain myself as this is everyone’s dream to travel the world, experience a vast view of life and what it holds. My family is very happy for me as they are proud of what is to come,” he explained.

In addition, Abrahams said he hopes to grow within the company and improve himself by learning new roles. He feels with MSC the opportunity to grow is vast and he wishes to achieve every possible aspect of it.

Highlighting what this opportunity means to him, he said: “It proves that what I have learnt is not in vain. It lets me know that the knowledge that I have obtained from DUT will be put into good use at my benefit and the benefit of the company utilising my knowledge and the experience I learnt from DUT. It makes me proud to think that after so many years I can go out and tackle the world head on.”

For Abrahams, it will not be his first time travelling abroad. He revealed that he has been to countries such as England, Ireland, Mozambique and Lesotho. He said this has given him an idea of the different people and cultures that are around the world. Abrahams did confess that he is a bit nervous of leaving what he is surrounded by everyday but he believes change is about adapting to new environments and growing strong within them.

“There are many opportunities out there that we as young adults fail to see everyday, we are so hesitant to take that step, but a step it still is. I just wish that many people my age take that golden opportunity and never let it slip out their fingers. I wish that we also get rid of the mindset of just graduating and working, I wish for all DUT students to go further than they know and take risks in achieving the future they wish and make their goals come true,” concluded Abrahams.

Pictured: Erhlich Abrahams

Simangele Zuma

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