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The Durban University of Technology (DUT) will be making history when it unveils the ENVISION2030 DNA Helix monument and Time Capsule, highlighting the University’s goals for the decade ahead. This momentous event will be held at the Steve Biko Campus in Durban on Friday, 26 August 2022 from 11h00 to 12h30.

At this prestigious event, DUT will be revealing its new tagline. This tagline will emphasize the key attributes of DUT ENVISION2030. A DUT DNA double helix monument, which was inspired by the DUT DNA on the ENVISION2030 strategy map, will also be unveiled on the day. This monument will symbolize the institutional identity, character, behaviour and culture.

The DUT community will witness the Vice-Chancellor and Principal, Professor Thandwa Mthembu, entombing a letter in in a time capsule, which is addressed to the person who will be the Vice-Chancellor and Principal of DUT in April 2031, the expected period for the unsealing of the letter.

In this 14-page letter, Prof Mthembu has taken his time to thoroughly explain the objectives of the ENVISION2030 strategy, starting by indicating that by 2030, DUT hopes to see the ENVISION2030 statement on intent come to life.

“I hope in your experience of DUT and its people you will see evidence irradiating from our people, systems and infrastructure. In addition, I hope you will witness the aspirational characteristics we set out in our 2030 Statement of Intent, namely, that our people are creative, innovative, entrepreneurial and adaptive to changes in the world; further, that they participate productively in the development of our locality, region, country and the world; and that, our state-of-the-art infrastructure and systems will enhance an ecosystem created to achieve this vision,” writes Prof Mthembu.

Prof Mthembu further explains in the letter, the design of the DUT DNA monument, which will be unveiled at the event, stating that at the heart of the DUT DNA are two intertwined strands, namely ‘people-centred and engaged’ and ‘innovative and entrepreneurial’ – both bound together by shared ‘values and principles’ that the University committed to embed and live.

In addition, Prof Mthembu proudly shares the DUT accolades from the time he joined the university in 2016. The Vice-Chancellor and Principal hopes that in 2031, when the time capsule is unsealed and his message from the past is received, DUT would be in a position to celebrate the achievements of the ENVISION2030 strategy.

“Please continue to lead, influence, inspire and impact the world, building on the legacy of ENVISION2030 and the outstanding people who act with passion and purpose and who live the values and principles that are fundamental to The DUT Way,” advised Prof Mthembu in a letter directed to the person who will be the DUT Vice-Chancellor and Principal in 2031.

Pictured: DUT Vice-Chancellor and Principal, Professor Thandwa Mthembu.

Simangele Zuma

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