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A lecturer in the Department of Public Management Law and Economics in the Midlands campuses at the Durban University of Technology (DUT), Dr Mthunzi Khonjelwayo once again walked the graduation stage for the ninth time to obtain his Postgraduate Diploma in Management Sciences specialising in Business Administration at the DUT 2024 Autumn Graduation. This prestigious ceremony was held at the Olive Convention Centre on Monday, 27 May 2024.

Dr Khonjelwayo (37) from eShowe attended his second graduation held during the 2024 Autumn Graduation season. He recently obtained his Degree of Doctor of Philosophy in Administration at the University of KwaZulu-Natal.

Dr Khonjelwayo who always strive for academic excellence currently holds the following degrees; BA Theology, Bachelor of Theology Honors, Masters of Theology, Bachelor of Technology in Public Management, Advanced Diploma in Public Management, Postgraduate in Business Administration, and Master of Business Administration, Doctor of Administration, as well as Bachelor of Laws.

“I am currently enrolled for my 10th qualification, which is a Masters of Laws, in the area of Labour Law. My academic journey, started about 15 years ago. I started studying at DUT as a student, and later I received a contract, and I became a staff. The challenge of remembering that you are now at a position of the student, and not that of a staff has always been difficult to work with, however, one has to always remember to not leave their place of being a student,” shared Dr Khonjelwayo.

Speaking about how he managed two degrees and work, Dr Khonjelwayo said the focus, and the tenacity to want to achieve these degrees were a driving force behind his achievement. He shared that DUT gave an him an opportunity to lecture in the evening, and allocated him an office where he could do his academic work, to which he is very grateful.

“The support I received from my senior colleagues was a very big motivating factor in that they always motivated me to do more. I am grateful to Dr Moyane, the HOD of Information and Corporation Management, Ms Angelina Ndlovu, Manager in the student administration in Riverside Campus, and Professor Fulufhelo Netswera, Executive Dean: Faculty of Management Sciences for always being supportive, reflective, and motivating,” added Dr Khonjelwayo.

He is a district pastor in the Seventh Day Adventist Church, and leads in the University through various committees. He described Business Administration as a reservoir of strategic and administrative knowledge in the specific reference to corporate development.

Advising students looking to become academics, Dr Khonjelwayo said they should always strive towards building their personal brand.

Pictured: Dr Mthunzi Khonjelwayo.

Photographer: Mnqobi Ngobese.

Simangele Zuma

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