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“I am thrilled that the Durban University of Technology (DUT) has decided to host a physical graduation as this is a proud moment and a once in a lifetime opportunity for most students,” said a euphoric Makayla Jezelle Chetty.

The 23-year-old Chetty will be graduating with her Advanced Diploma in Management Accounting and will receive Cum Laude on Wednesday, 13 July 2022 at the Durban University of Technology (DUT) Celebratory Autumn Graduation Ceremony at the Inkosi Albert Luthuli International Convention Centre (ICC).

The Verulam lass began her journey at DUT in 2017 studying Cost and Management Accounting. She graduated with her National Diploma in 2020. Thereafter she interned at a company in Westville on behalf of the DUT Co-op SETA for one year.

“In 2021 I furthered my studies in the Advanced Diploma in Management Accounting. This is my greatest achievement of obtaining Cum Laude thus far and I am extremely proud of myself,” relayed Chetty.

For Chetty, the course module she had chosen was interesting and diverse. “Accounting was always my first choice from High School and Accounting skills are needed at every company which means there are many job opportunities in this field,” she said.

As a student Chetty did find some moments challenging, especially as her studies were done online because of COVID-19 and she needed to adapt to the new system.

“Online classes are convenient, however physically attending classes increases your focus and engagement in lectures. Online classes were also prone to technical issues especially during load shedding, this made it very stressful during exam time. I was also working part-time. This meant that I had to balance and manage my time better. I had to prioritise the modules I was having difficulties with. Despite all the odds, I made it through hard work, dedication and continuous motivation from my supportive partner and family,” added Chetty gleefully.

“Having just graduated from University, I have not faced any accounting tasks in the real world so I want to go out there and put what I have learnt to action, broaden my skill set, expand my network and gain experience,” she explained.

Her long term career goal is to one day strike out on her own, become her own boss and open a business. The opportunity to achieve greatness is within our reach,” she said.

Pictured: Makayla Jezelle Chetty

Waheeda Peters

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