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Sashen Ryan Albert (24) from La Mercy is looking forward to graduating Cum Laude and obtaining a Dean’s Merit Award for his B Tech: Civil Engineering at the Durban University of Technology (DUT) Celebratory Autumn Graduation to be held at the Inkosi Albert Luthuli Convention Centre (ICC) on Monday, 11 July 2022.

According to Albert whom for his B Tech specialised in Urban Engineering, receiving these accolades is a lifetime achievement for him.

“An incredible magnitude of blood, sweat and tears was endured in silence behind the scenes, but now it’s time to hold my head up high and stand up proud! The Dean’s Merit award brought me the utmost sense of personal fulfilment. I remain thankful for always going beyond that extra mile and it is truly an honour to be graduating with these results,” he said.

Albert further expressed that a physical graduation, alongside mates, lecturers and family will not only ensure a significant sense of personal fulfilment but will also allow all students to be celebrated individually.

Speaking about his passion for Civil Engineering, he expressed that it has always been his first preference, stemming back from pursuing Civil Technology as his major in high school. In addition, Albert noted that the aspect of solving the most challenging problems, with knowing the least amount of variables is what was driving him by during this programme.

“Knowing that I could actively solve the issues pertaining to the quality of the water and transportation infrastructure for our people is why I am here today. I wanted to be amongst the visionaries of our industry, that molds the planet from the very ground up,” added Albert.

His journey at DUT began with obtaining a National Diploma in Civil Engineering that he revealed it encompassed instilling imperative life lessons pertaining to teamwork, time management and self-discipline. After graduating with an above average pass, he indicated that he set out, headstrong to ensure that when he furthers this qualification to a B Tech level, all of his potential will be applied.

“The B Tech that specialised in Urban Engineering, was stringently chosen due to the shortage of specialists in this field within the industry. Over the course of the two-year part time programme, I whole heatedly went beyond what was expected to be the best, and as a result I became the best,” said Albert proudly.

The greatest challenge he faced as a student was trying to find a balance between studying and at the same time travelling, following other ambitions and keeping up with personal and physical development.

He stated that he overcame this aspect by maintaining a strong sense of work ethic in all areas of life and making sure that one sector does not fall behind because of the pressures of the other.

Albert plans to further his studies in completion of his Master’s in the years to come. He is currently acquiring knowledge in developing mechanical, computer driven machinery that would aid the construction industry by cutting down on the danger to human life in precarious environments as well as optimise material use and time of projects undertaken. He indicated that these projects are currently being done in his personal capacity to take to the global market in the coming years, to work side by side with engineers of all disciplines.

Pictured: Sashen Ryan Albert.

Simangele Zuma

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