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The Durban University of Technology (DUT) student, Ntombenhle Mkhize from Nazareth outside Durban, graduated Cum Laude and obtained her Dean’s Merit Award at the DUT Celebratory Autumn Graduation Celebration on Tuesday, 12 July 2022.

Mkhize’s journey at DUT began in 2019 when she enrolled for her Diploma in Shipping and Logistics in the Maritime Studies Department. She thoroughly enjoyed her journey at DUT, meeting new people from different backgrounds, made her to adapt easily and appreciate her journey.

Graduating Cum Laude was something that was on Mkhize’s vision board since her first year, so she kept on pushing for good grades, putting in more hours of study for tests, exams and research for assignments. She is joyful that she achieved her main goal. Obtaining the Dean’s Merit Award came as a shock to her, she even shed tears of joy. Mkhize believes that being passionate and goal-oriented made a huge contribution towards her achievement.

Besides her being so proud of herself, Mkhize said her family was very proud when they received the news about her achievement.

“My parents have been my biggest support system throughout my academic journey. They have witnessed how passionate I was when it came to my studies, ” she said.

However, there were some difficult challenges she had faced as a student such as the long commute from campus to her home after attending tutorials which was her biggest challenge.

“When the COVID-19 pandemic erupted, things changed drastically because I attended lectures online. Being introduced to the new system of learning gave me some difficulties since I had to adjust from the normal way of studying to a new one,” she stressed.

Since high school Mkhize knew that she wanted to learn about the logistics field so her dream was fulfilled. When she is financially stable Mkhize wishes to study further and complete her Advanced Diploma in Shipping and Logistics.

Pictured : Ntombenhle Mkhize with her parents.

Nomvelo Zulu

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