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A 25-year-old, Advanced diploma in Public Relations and Communications student at the Durban University of Technology (DUT), Phindile Gordon from Pietermaritzburg graduated Cum Laude and obtained the prestigious Dean’s Merit Award at DUT’s 2022 Virtual Autumn Graduation, today, 16 May 2022.

Gordon’s journey at DUT started in 2016 when she enrolled for her National Diploma in Public Relations and Communications Management. She obtained her National Diploma qualification in 2019. Then she took a two-year break from her academics and came back to pursue her Advanced Diploma in Public Relations in 2021.

One of the challenges she encountered during her studies, was working full time while studying. She used to travel quite a lot when going to work. Studying really hit hard on her since she stays in an environment where there is absolutely no internet connection, however, she is so grateful to the lecturers that used to record the lectures. Those recordings really helped her because even if she missed her classes, she was able to catch up by using those recordings. The challenges that she encountered really proved that she can do so much more. Words cannot describe how excited she was when she checked her student portal to see that she was going to be graduating with Cum Laude and will obtain the Dean’s Merit Award. For her, this affirms that hard work, early mornings, late nights, and sacrifices had finally paid off. The first people that Gordon talked to about her achievement with, was her sister and her mother. They were so excited for her, because they knew how much effort she put into achieving a Cum Laude and the Dean’s Merit Award.

“Public Relations and Communications was my choice of study. When I was in high school, one of my favourite subjects was English, I loved creative writing, public speaking and once dabbled in debating as well. So, when it came to career options, I really wanted to incorporate something that I enjoyed, and something I believe to be good at, so through my research, I was sold towards Communications,” she said.

Gordon really appreciates the fact that DUT will be having both virtual and physical ceremonies. “We have been unable to attend physical graduation for the whole past two years because of the eruption of COVID-19, I feel like we’ve been able to grasp the concept of keeping ourselves and others safe from the virus. The physical ceremony is probably the one I’m most excited about, there’s just something about being in a space full of graduates and seeing people celebrating their hard work, that is so empowering. So, basking in on that atmosphere is going to be electric, I can’t wait,” she added.

Gordon has a huge passion for Communications, and she would like to pursue her studies to media, copy writing and brand communication.

“I’m definitely planning to further my studies, my sister is a PhD holder, so I’m really inspired to pursue my studies, and hopefully I will obtain a Doctorate one day,” said Gordon.

Advising the students who want to enrol in the Public Relations and Communications field, Gordon said: “I’d say go for it! I have been told by many people that you shouldn’t be in Public Relations and Communications if you are an introvert and that it’s an industry for extroverts. But here I am, I think Public Relations and Communications is ultimately about connecting with people, you don’t have to be an extrovert to do that. Just do you, if it’s something you’re passionate about, pursue it.”

Pictured: Phindile Gordon

Nomvelo Zulu

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