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It was a proud moment for the parents of the two Zulu maidens who were among the Faculty of Accounting and Informatics students who graduated at the opening session of the Durban University of Technology (DUT) 2022 Spring Graduation at the Durban Exhibition Centre, on Thursday morning, 29 September 2022.

Siphindile Dlamini (23) of eMondlo, Vryheid graduated with her National Diploma in Cost and Management Accounting, meanwhile Khethukuthula Dhlamini (23) of eBusi, Wasbank obtained her National Diploma in Accounting. Both maidens confidently walked on stage in their traditional isiZulu attires.

Khethukuthula’s mother, Ms Simangele Dhlamini (60) could not hold back her excitement and pride as saw her being conferred with her Diploma.

“That’s my girl. I am very proud of you. I am respected in the community because of you. Thank you my girl for preserving yourself till this day,” said Ms Dhlamini as Khethukuthula walked acrossed the graduation stage.

Khethukuthula said being a maiden is not easy but it has always been her wish to graduate while she is still a virgin. She wants to lead by example to all the young girls in her village.

“My mother always says there is no need to chase after boys because there is plenty of boys in the world. She advised me to focus on my studies and gain my independence. When I joined the University my focus was on completing my studies and making my mother proud. I realised that at a later stage once I am successful I will be able to live my life,” said Khethukuthula.

Siphindile who recently attended the Reed Dance at KwaNongoma, is a member of the maidens from DUT, Izimbali Ze-DUT Virgins Club Society. Speaking about her inspiration to preserve her virginity, Siphindile said as she left her village to come to study at DUT, her mother advised her to remember her lessons and not allow the city life to derail her from her dreams. Her mother advised her that her qualification would be her ticket for life.

“My mother always tells me that she wants to ensure that I have a ticket for life which is my qualification so that even when death reaches her she would rest peacefully knowing I would be able to earn a living,” she said.

Her parents waited for her besides the graduation stage, welcoming her with hugs and kisses in expression of their appreciation to her for the hard work and making them proud parents.

Pictured: The two Zulu maidens, Khethukuthula Dhlamini and Siphindile Dlamini.

Simangele Zuma

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