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Akshay Hurribunce (24) from Tongaat has always wished to be conferred a qualification with Cum Laude. His wish has finally come true as he will be graduating Cum Laude with his Bachelor of Technology in Civil Engineering at the Durban University of Technology’s (DUT’s) 2022 Virtual Autumn Graduation ceremony on Friday, 13 May 2022.

Hurribunce from Tongaat indicated that obtaining Cum Laude seemed unrealistic at first considering his previous failures. However, he said through his consistent dedication of honest hard work, he began aligning his progress with the criteria of obtaining Cum Laude.

“I strongly believe that failure is a steppingstone to success hence I consider myself an exemplary student of this philosophy. My family and friends are ecstatic and extremely proud of my achievement. I am very thankful for the support I have received and prestigious acknowledgement from DUT, for the hard work and dedication it took to attain the excellent results,” said Hurribunce.

Speaking about his passion for engineering, he said from his teenage years, he gained immense interest in the physics and mechanisms within the engineering field. He is glad he chose Civil Engineering as he feels it has allowed him to play a pivotal role in providing South Africans with basic services and ensuring that the safety of people is maintained.

“My current position as a Civil Technologist has allowed me to design and implement numerous road projects which are connecting communities subsequently promoting development and an improved quality of life in South Africa. Civil Engineering also entails promoting young professionals to develop unique alternatives to ensure a sustainable future therefore allowing me to be proactive and utilise creative thinking,” he added.

His journey at DUT began in 2015 when he enrolled for his National Diploma in Civil Engineering. The years leading to his first graduation, he said were tough as he stumbled on failure for the first time. In addition, he said throughout the years of his qualification, with the aid of dedicated lecturers, he was moulded into a driven and focused individual.

“The numerous group activities undertaken by DUT also developed crucial leadership and communication skills which allowed me to be successful in a workplace. The year 2020 marked the start of my Bachelor of Technology Degree: Civil Engineering (BTech) specialising in Urban Engineering. Being a more discipline and ambitious student, I chose to be consistent and strive for excellence. My greatest accomplishment through the academic journey, is to be conferred a qualification with a Cum Laude,” said the ecstatic Hurribunce.

He is currently looking into completing a short Project Management course and begin with his Masters’ degree: Civil Engineering within the near future. He recently registered with the Engineering Council of South Africa (ECSA) as a Candidate Technologist and he is working towards obtaining his Professional Registration, by attaining the essential experience and developing his skills for the next three years of his career.

He aims to make a considerable contribution to the Civil Engineering industry by developing innovative and sustainable solutions to challenges faced within the field whilst inspiring and leading by example.

Pictured: Akshay Hurribunce

Simangele Zuma

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