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Journalismiziko is a news site run by students enrolled for the Journalism Programme at the Durban University of Technology. It was established in 2013. The site seeks to groom journalism students into becoming fully-fledged journalists. It further aims at giving them confidence with their writing and broadcasting skills so that when they exit their final year of the National Diploma, they may be able to fit into the challenging and demanding profession of journalism.

Journalismiziko is a project initiated by one of the lecturers from the Journalism Programme, Maud Blose who is holding a Master of Science in Broadcast Journalism, which she acquired from the Medill School of Journalism at Northwestern University. Blose mentors students and invests her extra time in-between lectures working with the students who write and broadcast for the site.

The students working for the site are volunteering their time when they are off their lectures. The site has five sections headed by the students. Maud Blose is the Chief-Editor of the site working up to being a gate-keeper, ensuring that everything that goes out online is of quality. The sections comprise News, Features, Lifestyle, Sports, and Iziko Live section which specialises on all the technical know-how within the newsroom.


Students who have been serving at Journalismiziko have had some of their work published by other external publications. Others are working with public relations companies as their skills cannot be ignored.

The site allows students to showcase their journalistic skills. Some are specialising in news writing, others have chosen to focus on radio broadcasting and there are those who are interested in working with visuals,working hard producing television news packages.


Journalismiziko is where journalism students are groomed and at their exit level, they will be of good quality and add value to the media industry. When students leave for the industry, it is hoped that industry personnel would not have to start from scratch teaching them backpack journalism skills when employing them. The industry will build up on a good foundation that had been laid by Journalismiziko.

Journalismiziko also has two components attached to it; Sisterhood and Community Outreach. Sisterhood sessions are held every Tuesday from 12-noon and provide a safe haven for female students where they get to confidentially discuss life-related matters. Topics include social, economic, political and academic issues. This platform falls under Journalismiziko and is opened to all female students who want to have robust yet progressive discussions to improve their life skills and gain knowledge of others’ perceptions on things.


In the community outreach component, Journalismiziko reporters have in the past partnered with Ilanga High School from KwaDabeka township where they mentored matriculants in their subjects and also provided them with coping mechanisms and eye-opening realities of university life. Journalismiziko reporters provide career guidance skills and “adopt-a-sister” where they serve as the older sister that current high school learners can consult for advice on certain issues.

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