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Nokuphila Yvonne Biyela
Faculty: Management Science  
ND: Marketing 
2nd year
Why should i fund you?

i am a female with the age of 32 years. i am currently applying for funding towards my studies, I currently do not have the initial funds to pay for my studies. i currently do not work or have any form of income and at home nobody works to fund my studies, my Grandmother passed away leaving me with my mother and other siblings who dont work.i am in desperate need of assistance because i have the desire to become greater in my family and provide them with a better living by gaining an education. there has never been anyone in my family to get a higher education and i was fortunate enough to be blessed with that opportunity. My education is my key to mmy future, it is my weapon to prosper in life therefore i ask to be considered with this application to fufil my life long dreamand be the first to wear that graduation gown with pride in the biyela home. by gaining an education i i am securing a long desired dream of mine.

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