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Mfanakayise  Msane
Faculty: Accounting and Informatics   
B-Tech: Financial Information System  
Why should i fund you?

I could give you a thousand reasons to motivate my bursary application  but the most important one is that I absolutely love what I'm studying.

 I am a hardworking person and personally motivated, I work well with a team as well as individually. I am current doing my internship in IT and I am also managing the other interns in the IT department. My parents are unemployed and have a small subsistence farm which they use to feed the family and share with neighbors. They can not afford to pay my tuition fee.

Receiving this bursary will help me tremendously. I have always done everything I can to obtain good marks, but fear that my current financial situation could prevent me from obtaining my B-Tech and living my dream. Please can you assist me by granting me a bursary.

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