Fund the Missing Middle
Lloyd Ropafadzo Vumbunu
Faculty: Built and Applied Sciences
ND: Chemical Engineering 
3rd year
Why should i fund you?

My name is Lloyd Ropafadzo  Vumbunu. I am a 23 year old male. My parents passed away when I was 7. My uncle has been taking care of me since then. I am an International student at the Durban University of technology. Next year I will be doing my last semester (S4) and it would come as a huge relief to my family if I could get funding for my final semester.


This is because my uncle is already struggling to put 4 children (his 3 children and I) while at the same time taking care of my grandmother. Therefore, it is my wish to lift some of the burden off him. I do see myself as an A Grade student so I am confident of passing my studies.


I believe that I have true leadership qualities as I was the Rotary-Interact president in High School, Debate society president in High School and the Deputy Headboy in High School. I am a huge chess fanatic and a very good public speaker. 
May you please  take me into consideration.

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