Fund the Missing Middle
Nomfundo Seabreeze Ngcobo 
Faculty: Management Science 
B-Tech: Public Relations 
Why should i fund you?

My name is Nomfundo Ngcobo and I'm 21 years old.
I could give you a thousand reasons to motivate my application for this bursary, but the most important one my love for education.

In my entire three years of studying it has not been easy, as my mother is the only person paying for my studies. my first year and second year were very hard on her. she ended up taking loans that will take years to pay back. things got a bit easier this year as i was able to get nsfas.

I'm currently doing my internship at DUT corporate affairs and I would really love to continue with my B:Tech next year in public relations as they are more opportunities there. I love studying and it wont end on my B-TECH I want to be Dr Ngcobo one day.

Receiving this bursary will help me tremendously, as my mother wont afford to pay for my btech,accomodation and food.

Thank you.

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