Fund the Missing Middle
Vishay Hariparsad
Faculty: Applied Sciences 
B-Tech: Biotechnology
Why should i fund you?

I should be funded since I have worked hard in my previous years of study in DUT and always strived to achieve good marks .
The main reason to why I should be funded is because currently there is no stable financial support at home since my mom is unemployed and my dad is now late as of from the  past year, resulting in forced movement from the place I used to live in which was a sudden change as well as financial support.

I applied for Btech confident in obtaining NRF funding since i obtained 9 distinctions out of 16 subjects in my diploma study year but unfortunately did not get it.Now i am faced with the option of leaving studies if there is no way to be financially able .I desperately require funding and this qualification to better my current situation

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