Fund the Missing Middle
Mfundo Knowledge Mthembu 
Faculty: Art and Design 
ND: Journalism 
3rd year
Why should i fund you?

I humbly request for funding in order to do my B-Tech studies next year (2018). I come from a very impoverished household of a family of 8, all dependent on my grandmother's pension payout. I was fortunate enough to be granted NSFAS last year, which paid my tuition fees. However, NSFAS does not cover for B-Tech studies. I have bigger and better dreams to accomplish  and I refuse for my background to determine my future.


I work thoroughly to improve myself situating as well as my family's and the community I come from. I'm the first in my household to have completed matric and went to varsity. And I intend to break that norm by offering  others the same opportunities I was offered to education.

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