Fund the Missing Middle
Sanele Handsome Dancabe
Faculty: Accounting and Informatics
ND: Cost and Management Accounting 
1st year 
Why should i fund you?

I am Sanele Handsome Doncabe currently studying at Durban University of Technology taking CMA. I am doing  my first year and I absolutely  what I'm studying. I've recently experience financial contraints.

I am from the family of five children in  which I happen to be the second, with only one parent working. My dad is working as a west man and taking care of everything and everyone at home and since then I've been solely dependent on him. It's tough for him, because he's not permanently employed.


It would be of my great honour if I could be granted the bursary, I will delightful accept it a pledge to do my best in exceeding your required expectation of me

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