Fund the Missing Middle
Thandeka Shabalala
Faculty: Engineering and Built Environment  
ND: Building  
Why should i fund you?

I am a first year Student who is hard working. I am looking forward to make a construction Industry a successful one. With my background I ma living with my parents who are only pensioners and are supporting a family of eight member.


It is impossible that they are able to pay for my studies because in this family members there are four children who are still going to school and need to be taken care of by the money the receive on their pension. I t is not possible for my parents to pay for my studies at the same time buying uniforms, food and toiletries for those who are still at school.


I will be grateful if I can get the Bursary so that one day I will be able to help those who are after me a successful future and also bring out the best in the Building Industry

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