Fund the Missing Middle
Sindiswa Sindisiwe Mokoena 
Faculty: Management Science  
ND: Business Administration Management 
2nd year
Why should i fund you?

my name is sindiswa mokoena and iam 21 years old, I could give you thousands reasons to motivate my application for this funding, but the most important one I absolutely love what I'm studying.
have recently experienced financial constraints, as my family lost its only bread winner. now I left with my grandmother who is also unemployed and not even receiving grant. I use to work on weekends in order to bring food on table . it tough for me because I'm not permanent working and I'm also studying.
receiving this funding will help me tremendously, as I always making sure that I obtain good marks . but my fear is that my current financial aid could prevent me from finishing my diploma and living the dream of taking good care of my grand mother

Kind regard

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